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Emmet Pierce

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Broad experience creating original content for newspapers and online publications. Areas of expertise include insurance, real estate, lending, business, and personal finance.

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Man using laptop290 article

7 ways to investigate an insurance company online

Here’s how to determine which insurance companies are worthy of your business....


When you inherit a house, you don't automatically inherit the insurance

After experiencing the trauma of losing a loved one, it might not occur to you that the home you inherited from him or her will need an updated insurance policy to prevent a lapse in coverage.

Car totaled290 article

The truth about 'totaled' cars: How to keep yours

You don't have to say farewell to your vehicle just because your insurance company has declared it a total loss. Here s what to do....

Dog backseat driver290 article

Is your dog a backseat driver?

The pooch who's romping in the back of your car may be endangering your life....

Workers health290 article

A good health plan at work leads to employee loyalty

Workers score their health plans 6.8 out of 10....

Teen driver ticket2 article

7 signs your teenager shouldn't drive anymore

Parents can stop teen accidents before they happen by being observant....


9 hidden dangers in your house

Is your house a home insurance claim waiting to happen? Find out with this infographic....