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Broad experience creating original content for newspapers and online publications. Areas of expertise include insurance, real estate, lending, business, and personal finance.

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What does renters insurance cover article

Renters insurance 101: What does renters insurance cover ...

Emmet Pierce. what does renters insurance cover If you're a renter and you assume your personal property is protected by your landlord's insurance, you could ......


Insuring a restaurant: Choosing from a menu of coverage - NetQuote

Emmet Pierce. Restaurants can be profitable, but if you don't buy adequate insurance and don't train your staff to prevent legal problems, financial trouble may ......


Own a home? Tips on how to prepare for flooding - NetQuote

Emmet Pierce. No one likes to think about natural disasters, but when the spring thaw comes, it's time to prepare your home for flood season. When frozen ......


Small businesses: Tips for buying health insurance - NetQuote

Emmet Pierce. Before small businesses can take advantage of the tax breaks and reduced costs contained in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ......


Before you divorce, make plans for your insurance needs - NetQuote

Emmet Pierce. Each January, courts around the country see a surge in divorce filings. If ending a marriage is on your list of New Year's resolutions, be aware ......


Insurance for real estate agents and brokers - NetQuote

Emmet Pierce. Homebuyers are thrilled when they find the home of their dreams. But when things go wrong, they often take real estate professionals to court in a ......


Before you open a retail shop, insure your business against a variety of perils -- NetQuote

Emmet Pierce. When you're preparing to open a retail shop, you may be more concerned about selling products and meeting revenue targets than buying ......

Great insurance apps article

What features make a great insurance app? - NetQuote

Emmet Pierce. great insurance apps Convenient and simple to use, smartphone insurance applications or "apps" make the lives of policyholders easier, whether  ......