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Emmet Pierce

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Broad experience creating original content for newspapers and online publications. Areas of expertise include insurance, real estate, lending, business, and personal finance.

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Wood1 tx201 article
UT San Diego

Instead of wood

Wood may be cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing than synthetic lumber, but many consumers in Southern California are finding compelling reasons to make the switch to engineered timber for home repairs and construction....

UT San Diego

BOOMtowns | The San Diego Union-Tribune

The San Diego Union-Tribune. BOOMtowns. Active adult communities expected to grow as baby boomers hit retirement age. By Emmet Pierce...

UT San Diego

Mexico's house rules | The San Diego Union-Tribune

Aug 8, 2004 ... Mexico's house rules. Harvard survey highlights the differences in U.S. and Mexican housing markets. By Emmet Pierce STAFF WRITER....

UT San Diego

The other rent check | The San Diego Union-Tribune

The increasingly thorough tenant screening process can leave some renters paying a lot for their mistakes. By Emmet Pierce STAFF WRITER....

News shelter article
UT San Diego

'Shelter in place' kept flames at bay

Strategy pays off but has its critics. By Lori Weisberg and Emmet Pierce. UNION- TRIBUNE STAFF WRITERS. December 2, 2007 ......